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SAVE THE DATE: 10/5/24

2023-2024 Parent Club Meeting Dates (6:00pm in the Learning Commons)

September 12          October 10          November 14          December 12          January 9          February 13          March 12          April 9          May 14


Welcome to Francis Howell Central Parent Club

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Who we are

Parent Club is a parent volunteer group which hosts fun events for our FHC students and the surrounding community.  The funds raised from these events go toward a drug and alcohol free, overnight party (aka Party Central) held after senior graduation.  These amazing events and the final celebration take all 4 years of preparation and an army of volunteers to be successful! Our motto is 'many hands make light work'! Parent Club events include, but not limited to:

  • Party Central Grad Party

  • Fall Craft Fair

  • Annual Trivia Night

  • Fall and Spring Flower Sales

  • Teacher Appreciation

  • Conference Dinners

  • Spirit Wear and More!

Party Central is “THE” graduation celebration.  This is a party you definitely want your teen to attend.  It’s a very popular, fun, safe, drug & alcohol free, supervised, all-night lock-in on graduation night. The entire school is turned into a party venue.  The yearly class fee pays for your student to attend.

2024 Senior Class

Jamie Moore         president
Jenny Hoshaw      vice pres
Tami Wells             secretary
Beth Harmon        treasurer

OPEN                     comm

2025 Junior Class

Tina Masterson          president

Natalie Bryant            vice pres

Jennette Barker         secretary

Stephanie Rittgers     treasurer

Michelle Meyer           comm

Sarah Meurer              sub

2026 Sophomore Class

Mindy Fritz             president

Ann Meadows       vice pres

Katie Ratcliff           secretary

Camille Bohr          treasurer

Trish Hueber          comm

2027 Freshman Class

Kelly Richter              president

Christie Zambrzuski vice pres

Jessica Britt               secretary

Jamie Moore             treasurer

Tiffany Pearson         treasurer

Katie Ratcliff              comm

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