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Parent Club is a parent volunteer group which hosts fun events for our FHC students and the surrounding community.  The funds raised from these events go toward a drug and alcohol free, overnight party (aka Party Central) held after senior graduation.  These amazing events and the final celebration take years of preparation and an army of volunteers to be successful! Planning for our freshman events are already underway and  we need your help!  Our motto is 'many hands make light work'!  


Please submit your information below so you can be updated on upcoming events!

Each student must pay also their registration fees in order to attend Party Central on graduation night of their senior year. Families may elect to pay this all at once or overtime throughout the 4 years of high school.  

Please send your payments to:    

FHC Parent Club, Class of 2027

P.O. Box 344
Cottleville, MO 63338

** Checks should be made payable to FHC Parent Club 2026 **

​Pay Electronically here -


Party Central Registration Fees are $140/student (or $35/year over 4 years)

*Please include the student name the payment is for


** Please only send funds for your 2027 student(s).  If you have children in the Class of '24, '25, or '26 their yearly fees should be sent to the Parent Club for that class.

Got questions?  Please email us at  We look forward to meeting you!

Are you interestd in volunteering with Parent Club?
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