Homecoming 2017 Parade

The email had come out, "Come walk with us in the 2017 Homecoming Parade," with a link to Sign-Up Genius. It sounded like a bit of good fun for we parents. Some of my thoughts upon interpretation of the request:

"We can march in the parade with other parents and the students for one of the bigger events of the year?"

"We get to promote the Parent Club, while having some fun, and not asking people to donate, volunteer, donate, volunteer, ad nauseam?"

"Well, sign me up!"

So I sprung into action, and whipped up snazzy email to send to the parents of the 2021 class, via our new Mail Chimp account--which, by the way, we are very satisfied with. It simply said "Come March with Us!" with my own brief description, and the link to the Sign-Up Genius. Ever the eternal optimist, I expected a flood of parents to join in. All told, we had 6. Then I emailed the organizer and asked if kids were able to walk as well. The answer was, "yes". So I recruited my own high-school and non-high-school children to walk as well. Only 1 opted out.

So, we arrived to the parade. Members of our committee even brought candy for us to throw out. What parade isn't complete without a bevy of candy for all the kids to eat??? Let's be honest though, I was munching on Kit-Kat's the entire way through! However, pre-parade, our small little group didn't know where to go or who to see. We asked around, and then discovered...we had completely interpreted the parade request differently than it was intended. While the Sign-Up Genius clearly stated in the description that parent volunteers were needed to help hold signs for other clubs; my brain skimmed over that part. While I believed that we were wanted, in order to represent our own club of parents, whose parenting jobs are often full of thankless activities geared towards making the days better for our children. The reality is, we were wanted for the thankless job of making the day a little better for our children by holding the signs that promote the clubs they are in. Well...so it was all in the matter of interpretation.

However, let me tell you, we had a great time marching along with everyone else! We decided to place ourselves between Student Council and DECA clubs. We tossed out candy, cheered with the best of them, shouted out, "come join Parent Club" (much to the dismay of some), and had a generally fun time. I believe that our Freshman Class Parent Club has begun a new tradition. Next time, we're looking to join in again, with a Parent Club sign, more participants, and probably more Kit-Kat's. Who's to say that we parents can't enjoy ourselves during these events? It's not all meant to be work, right?

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